Dario Robleto. Candles Un-burn, Sun Un-shine, Death Un-dies, 2010. Digital C-print mounted on Sintra, a collection of stage lights taken from the album covers of live performances of now-deceased musicians.

Dario Robleto Artist Talk
Saturday, June 14 – 2PM

The Trustees of the Linda Pace Foundation are committed to a series of public dialogues with contemporary artists whose works are represented in the Foundation's collection. SPACE exhibitions are free and open to the public.

PACE GEMS, the inaugural exhibition of SPACE, highlights a selection of works from the Foundation’s permanent collection reflect Pace’s overarching collection criteria. The exhibition focuses on former Artpace residents, artists whose work was exhibited in the Hudson Show at Artpace, as well as other internationally recognized artists.

Robleto will present a multi-media artist talk investigating if the continuity of love and memory—over vast reaches of time and space—is truly possible. Robleto will share stories, along with a selection from his collection of sounds and images, to reveal some of the deepest influences behind his art making and his approach as an artist as researcher, archivist, and storyteller. Robleto will use as a key example his research around the Voyager space probe launched in the ’70s. The probe, which has recently exited our solar bubble, contains onboard the Golden Record, which has been called “the greatest DJ mixtape ever recorded.” The team that developed it raised profound questions between art and science and moral questions about what the present owes to the past and distant future.

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