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The Linda Pace Foundation announces the new naming of its contemporary art center, Ruby City, as well as the rollout of a new graphic identity and website. The new identity, keyed to Linda Pace’s vision and Sir David Adjaye’s design, emphasizes the San Antonio experience, while the website will function as a resource for Ruby City’s development and programming as well as Linda Pace Foundation’s collection. Previously associated solely with the Sir David Adjaye-designed building, Ruby City will now denote the overall institution, comprising of Chris Park and the auxiliary exhibition space, Studio, formerly known as CHRISpark and SPACE. The Linda Pace Foundation will continue to operate as the owner and steward of Pace’s collection.

Ruby City’s bold new identity was designed by New York-based graphic design firm 2x4, who took inspiration from the dramatic angled roof and cantilevered structure of the building, to create a custom typeface. The vibrant color palette, also inspired by the crimson-hued building as well as the natural landscape of the southwest, will complement the building’s shimmering façade. The website, unveiling in stages over the coming months, will debut a fresh design with streamlined navigation and a more comprehensive architecture.

“Once complete, Ruby City is a place where visitors will come to engage, question and discover new perspectives on contemporary art,” said Kathryn Kanjo, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego and a member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. “Inspired by Linda’s drawing of the ‘Ruby City’ (a city, which came to her in a dream), this new identity captures the spirit of Linda’s life and work, allowing us to share our collection, exhibitions and programming in a meaningful way, with our local community and beyond.”

Ruby City, currently under construction, is scheduled to open in 2019. The building is a part of a growing campus, which extends from South Flores Street to the San Pedro Creek. Ruby City also includes Chris Park, built in 2005, a one-acre public green space named in memory of Pace’s son, and Studio, the Linda Pace Foundation gallery, which opened to the public in 2014, and presents special exhibitions and programming throughout the year.

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About Ruby City

Ruby City is a 10,000 sq ft contemporary art center in San Antonio, TX, dedicated to providing a space for the city’s thriving creative community to experience works by both local and internationally-acclaimed artists. Envisioned in 2007 by the late collector, philanthropist and artist Linda Pace, Ruby City presents works from Pace’s own collection of more than 800 paintings, sculptures, installations and video works. The new building, designed by renowned architect Sir David Adjaye and slated for completion later this year is part of a growing campus, which also includes Chris Park, a one-acre public green space named in memory of Pace’s son, and Studio, an auxiliary exhibition space which presents curated shows and programming throughout the year. Ruby City is free and open to the public.

About Linda Pace Foundation

Linda Pace Foundation was founded in 2003 as the owner and steward of Pace’s collection. Guided by its donor’s conviction that contemporary art is essential to a dynamic society, Linda Pace Foundation fosters the creation, presentation and understanding of innovative expression through contemporary art. In addition to its exhibition spaces Ruby City and Studio, Linda Pace Foundation shares its collection through loans to museums and institutions around the world. The Foundation also actively acquires new works each year, which, echoing the themes and character of Pace’s own collecting, reflect a feminist perspective, engage social issues and consider aspects of spirituality and beauty.